Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This is a little bush at the bottom of our stair well. A mother duck decided to make it into her nest. She barley fit in it. Every morning when we would come outside the daddy duck would be standing guard as the mommy went and got something to eat and Isaac would look in on the eggs. He'd also take the time to talk to the daddy for a while.
Well we came home from preschool the other day to find the eggs hatching!!! Isaac was so excited but very careful not to get too close. This morning we left for preschool early so that we could feed the mommy and get some pics.
Here's a great shot of one of the babies. It was lucky to have gotten this one because they mostly just hide under their mother. But late this afternoon I saw her leading them down to the water. Tomorrow after quiet time we're going to got to the lake in our complex and look for them.
They may ugly when they grow up but they sure make cute babies!! And did you know that baby duck saw "cheap!!" I thought that was just chicks.