Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Okay Sadie is way cuter then the other dog image I put on here. Yes this is her. And no we don't have her yet. I went to visit her, take pics and ask questions. She's basically house broken as long as you have a doggy door they said she should do really well. And they just happen to have an old patio door that they are either going to give me or sell dirt cheap!!
She came right up to me like she knew she was mine!! Look at her little wrinkly legs!! And they were so good with the kids. The mommy doggy is still a little temperamental because of the puppies but the dad was amazing. I'm so excited to add her to our family.
Oh and she's just about crate trained too. She's too good to be true. And so cuddly!!
I think the other dog I put on the blog was actually a mini dosch. And Sadie is a little more in the redder side . Sooooooooo cute!! She all up to date on her shots and I'm looking into $$ to have her spade. I'm looking forward to having her with us a long time.