Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby shower time!!!!
Its so great down here. Every baby gets a shower whether its your 1st or 7th, and the gender never matters. I found out that a tradition in this ward is to go to the Olive Garden for the shower. At first I was apprehensive b/c I didn't want people to feel that they had to pay out to come to the shower. But as it turns out when people heard how I felt they were upset we weren't having it there. So there we went. It was really nice. No one had to make sure their house was clean and no one had to deal with clean up. Its a great excuse to get together as girlfriends and eat out. Thank you to all the ladies that came and to those who sent their love!
So here I am with what about 20 days to go and ready. Thank you to my sister for the maternity shirt, otherwise I would've been wearing my husbands shirt to the shower. My belly looks extra ball like b/c I wear that maternity belt. Its crazy to watch my tummy drop when I take it off. It also makes me look smaller then what I am. You can compare the front to the butt and tell that my belly is much bigger then it appears. I got a postpartum belt to support my back after the baby and that will make my belly seem smaller also. I can't wait for that one. And I just cut my hair again yesterday. I have a feeling it might stay this short for a while. Its just too easy and I pull it off pretty well with my fuller face.