Saturday, May 10, 2008

I bought a PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have apic of her yet because she's not ready to leave her mom for another couple weeks. So I surfed the net and found the closest I could get. Her name is going to be Sadie and she is a Daschund. I know, I totally never thought of getting a daschund. But we went to go buy a stroller from a nice lady off of Craigs list (love it) and she just happened to be selling puppies too!! They had 4 and 2 were blonde like this one. They looked like little labs. Soooooooo cute. And I was really surprised at how sturdy the mom and dad were. They're small dogs but they can definitely handle Isaac and Sydney.
This little dog has a more pointed face then Sadie but she's still pretty close to what I remember Sadie looking like. I just remember thinking, "Wow she really doesn't look that much like a Daschund. Of course the only ones I'm familiar with was Fritzey that lived next door to us.
I'm really really excited about her. It'll be a little rough the first couple months because of the baby but it will be worth it considering we'll have her for many years to come.