Monday, December 13, 2010

Trying to break out of my comfort zone!

Skinney AE jeans $10
Aeropostle button up $2
AE vest $15
Vinyl flower I made
payless flats $5
oh and green tank $4
I usually only wear these jeans with Boots so it was really hard for me to wear them with flats. I see girls all the time in skinny jeans and flats but for some reason it was too much of an 80s thing for me. But here they are. I think they kind of make me look squaty but oh well.
OK so I've always been a matchy matchy girl. I mean not too matchy. I have a hard time wearing blue tops with jeans. I know go figure.
Well, I've been reading this Interior design book and the last chapter I read was about mix patterns. I read these cute blogs where the girls are super creative with what they wear and I'm always envious.
My girlfriend Michael was always trying to get me to branch out. "If your going to buy a hat buy the orange one, not the beige one. The beige on just looks like your covering up a bad hair day but the orange one looks like you wanted to wear a hat!"
I bought the orange one (AE baseball hat) and it was by far my favorite hat.
She also taught me that you can pull off anything if you believe you can.
So heres my attempt at a non matchy day. It took a lot for me to not wear a white wife beater under this whole thing. lol
These are just pics that I took so I could actually see what my hair looked like since my kids busted my "back of the head" mirror. It was a bad hair day and my style is at a point where it wont go up but it didnt want to be down. So heres my half way.
My cute little payless flats. But man do my feet miss my orthotics by the end of the day. My mother put me in my 1st set of heels when I was 14 years old.
I'm now embracing the youthful feeling of flats!