Sunday, December 12, 2010

Look what i came home to??!!

I came home tonight from taking Sydney to a bday party to find this little gem waiting for me!!!
This has been on my list of projects forever. But as you know lists like that rarely get done. Its more like a dream wish list then anything.
Anyway I walked into the house and immediately laid eyes on this cute little bag. It had my name all over it! Well not really but it was obviously for me and it MADE MY WEEK!!!
My dear creative, talented and crafty friend Jessica left this for me. Man I love that Lady!
I'm stoked to wear it this next weekend in Walt Disney World. Yep its gonna be cold! int eh high 60s to low 70s. Perfect hand made ear warmer weather!
I love the brown and lovelovelove the flower!!
Jessica you never cease to amaze me from your mothering to you creative outlets to your forgiving nature. yes I said your forgiving nature. You are always striving to be a better person and you love, support and lift those around you!
Love you and Thank you for thinking of me!
I'm totally gonna be working this next time you see me!!!