Friday, December 10, 2010


After being on Antibiotics since Sunday... Today was the first day I felt like myself again. Seriously there was a huge difference just from last night to this morning.
I went to the cookie exchange (which was awesome! I'm inviting everyone to my cookie exchange for next year, where ever we are)
and therapy last night with no make up on and in sweats.
And you know what.... THATS OK!!!
The last week has been all about survival. Sometimes life is just that way. I was so proud of my 3 children for being self sufficient enough to sustain themselves on chips and Halloween Candy while I was so sick! I slept in till about 10:30 every day and they saved all their fights for when I woke up. I couldnt be prouder of my little bunch!
Gotta Love them.
As it stands everyone is pink eye free and I feel better everyday!
So here's to doing my hair for the 1st time in a week! (except for pics last Sunday).
You know they say you can tell how well your feeling by your hair. Even on Sunday it was tired and flat. nothing I did could get it to fluff or shine.
Today on the other hand... It looked FABULOUS!!! (in sing song voice)So these jeans officially are too big for me now. I can literally pull them down with out undoing them! So frustrating. The work of MONTHS lost in days!
I hate feeling weak. I was all excited to show my parent (coming in 8 days) the strong healthy me, and now I feel like the woman I was for most my marriage.
Sick, thin and weak. I'm not completely back to square one but close.
I'll give myself till after Christmas to rest and get healthy, then its time to set new goals and get working again!
I know no one wants to hear this so just dont read it then.
Its my blog and I'm going to vent about what I want.
Sherpa vest Old Navy $5 clr
AE orange tshirt $8
AE jeans 40% off
And OF COURSE my favorite earrings!
And since my hair turned out so nice I decided to try makeup.
Some summer Bisque under the eyes and a light dusting of foundation powder.
I used a peachy blush on my cheeks and eyes.
Lined my lids in navy liner and put on some mascara.
Ignore the zit scab on my lip or pretend its a beauty mark! lol
A little lip stain (love that stuff) and thats it.
Didnt have time for much else but
its amazing how much color you have when your not
so sick you have to numb your throat just so you can take your antibiotics!