Sunday, December 12, 2010


So is it horrible that sometimes the only reason I go to church is b/c I can dress and feel like a normal person? It hasnt been that bad lately b/c of the effort I've been putting into my everyday. But seriously there were times where that was the only reason for getting up and dragging my family to church.
Today I wore one of my target clearance finds. Actually I bought a bigger size off the clr rack and then ordered the smaller size online. You see the online dress wasnt clearanced so I was able to return the bigger size at the store and kept the smaller size. Make sense?
For some reason this color seemed very festive to me today.
I wore my favorite black high heels which I paid full price for on 3 years ago.
I also busted out my black fish nets. For a long time Josh wasnt too keen on me wearing these to church... too sexy. But once I saw some one else wear them... LUCY!
Paired with a conservative outfit I dont see them as that big of a deal.
I love these earring I got at Kohls the day after Thanksgiving. I grabbed them b/c they will go perfectly with the purple dress I plan on wearing to the graduation dinner! But hey turns out they match a BUNCH of different stuff!

Dont look too closely or you will se that I didnt Iron the dress. It still has the folds form shipping. lol Because thats how I roll. lol
Anyways... I do love the simplicity of this dress. Its super comfy and 50s style I love.
The ruffles on the chest add just enough shine to make the dress not boring!
Because there can be a fine line between simple and boring.
And one NEVER wants to be BORING!