Monday, December 13, 2010

A year in Review

Lets see... How did 2010 start?
Points to type about later

isaac and sydney run 1/2 mile race
Isaac starts meds fight with teacher
isaac turns 6
lincoln turns 2
visit NC and Isaac crashes - got to get away - andlyn
family pics with Heidi
My boot
sydney's dance show
Sydney got her tubes in
another NC trip sadie and aunt tellie
beach pool zoo
start adderall
start refubishing furniture
10 years baby!!
busch gardens
sydneys photo shoot
say goodbye to krissie
get to see AJ divorce
so sick
year of learning crafts fashion and friends
Wow this will be a long post

ran my 1/2 marathon - The ING is 13.1 miles long and takes you through Miami. It was about 73 degrees when we started at 6:30 Not to mention humidity!
Josh had signed up but never started training so he gave his tag to a friend of ours and He ran it for Josh. It took me over 3 hours. But come to find out later I was running with a stress fracture and would later spend most of my summer in a boot and pay more then $1000 in medical bills! Ya me!
Sydney turned 4 - Yep my baby girl turned 4 years old! We had her cute little friend come over and they had a great time. I made them IceCream Cone Cupcakes! It was a good day.
The Big Race Day
Monkey Joe's - lincoln turns Two