Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wonderful Back yard and decks...

Yes sadie came with us. Nana and Uncle Scott now have a black lab puppy named Zoe. She was wonderful but definetly a 4 month old (large) puppy. Sadie and she got along rather well. This is them talking through the gate at each other.
Below is a wonderful pic of Sydney getting dressed up to go outside and play war with Isaac.
Josh made them each a sweet sword out of PVC pipes. (Daddies Rock)
Isaac was not impressed with her choice of camouflage.

That was the back yard and back deck. Here we roasted Marsh-mellows on the front deck. Thank you to uncle Matt for purchasing the great "fire holder" we used. Isaac went on a search for fireflies. Nana told him that out of the 6 kids she had they never caught a firefly. Ofcourse if you know anything about my Isaac... that is a challenge! Off he went!! Not more then 10 minutes later he came back with his bug catcher held high and a firefly caught.
that boy never ceases to amazing me and yet I knew as soon as Nana said that, that he would succeed.

Once again Josh being a great Daddy. Cant believe we are coming up on 10 years!! He is a wonderful father and ever patient husband. Couldn't ask for anything more. Well maybe a bed spread bigger then a king. Do they even make those?