Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And that is mine also. What ever I would've done or been doing as exciting as it might have been... I wouldn't have been doing it with Josh.
And how fun could it have been if I didn't have my best friend with me?!
And he is truly my best friend. there is no one on earth who knows me better. Even though sometimes I feel he doesnt get me at all. =)
He knows me inside and out. Literally! TMI? Oh well!
Sometimes it seems so long ago and others just yesterday.
Josh has accomplished so much! He has graduated from BYU and will graduate dental school in 2011. I am so proud of him. I know it hasnt been the easiest.

He has loved me even with all of my challenges and issues. I have always felt a peace and saftey in him. He has every characteristic that I admire and that I lack.
He is himself, truly himself and no one else. He is honest and straight forward.
He is non contentious. He is patient and knowledgeable. He is funny and a fantastic lover!
And he chose me! And he loves me!
And I am truly blessed to call him mine for Time and all Eternity!