Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Above is Marianna, she is the youngest of the three sisters. I think she is 10 years old. Such a genuine sweet heart! Below is lincoln hanging out on my lap "safe" from the waves! He would still get a little stressed when the water would come up and kiss my toes.

I can not thank the girls enough for coming with me. I felt so safe with them there. On the left is Cata (short for Catalina I think) she is the middle sister. 15 years old I think

Another Trashing from a wave. She was a real trouper though... she come tell us and then go right back out. And yes we were only a few feet away to begin with.
Lincoln and I spent quality time building up a big wall of sand that the water couldnt get past. It kept him occupied and at the beach. because he really just wanted to be at the fountain the whole time. And yes he wondered over there several times but we had extra people to follow him!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THOSE GIRLS!