Tuesday, June 22, 2010


And what better way to start the post then with a little butt crack!!!!
I feel like a first time parent with this one! Its Crazy!!! Lincoln is two now and has always been very sensory sensitive! And thats actually putting it mildly. He's scared of just about everything and cant stand the touch and taste of most things. he truly wish he could be a nudist. As soon as I broke out the swim diaper he lost it. He started to flick his ears (stressed trait) and screaming. So I put his swim suit on with out the diaper. (fish pee in the ocean too!!) He spent the next 40 minutes upset and screaming on and off, pulling at swim suit.
I finally let him run naked through the fountain for the last 15 minutes. I t would've been longer if he hadnt started playing with himself! I do have the cutest pic of his backside. I wouldve posted it but Calley has warned me against child porn.

So we were ding a "Show me your muscles" pic when Isaac told me my poses were "boring"!! He then proceeded to show me the "cool way" to flex.

The waves were HUGE!!! AND WE LOVED IT! Isaac was out on his hand-me-down wake board (thank you LUKE) the whole time. Made me nervous but he's got "crazy skills". Sydney and I floated along together with her in her tube. It was so nice having the Cardona girls with us b/c theres no way I could keep track of all 3 of my kids by myself. One would have drowned or been stolen for sure!

This is Sydney after she got trashed by a wave. You had to go out a ways to get away from the crashing part of the waves. Once you were past those it wasnt too bad, but get caught in on of them and loose your balance... its all over.