Monday, June 8, 2009

Sanibel Island

So we took a day trip out to the West coast. And for you people not from Florida...
that means the West coast of Florida. Yep we are the only state with and east and a west coast. (2 oceans)
The first beach we went to was a south facing beach great for shelling. Unfortunetly it was covered in "Sea Grass". It breaks off out in the ocean and gets pulled up on tot he beach by the tide. NASTY!! Its slimy and floats in the water. So we left and went to Lighthouse Beach!
Much better!!
This is Lincoln moving in to work his magic on the chicks set up next to us! And the magic ofcourse worked. They loved him! Who wouldn't!
And no he's not walking. He's in denial. Thats ok though. He's my baby and I'm ok with him taking his time. That and he's so tall that I don't have to bend over to walk with him.
He's 90% for his height and 50% for his weight.
Which is funny because it wasn't too long ago that he was 50 % on his height and 90% on his weight! He's 23 pounds 12 ounces!