Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Funny story is here

at least now we can look at it with out our eyes watering up.
happened a week and a half ago!

OK so almost 2 weeks ago I decided to go cycling first thing in the morning. BAD IDEA!!
People I found are not very nice to cyclist. I stayed on the canal for as long as I could. Theres 84 which is a two lane (one way) then a guard rail and then the canal and finally the sidewalk.
So I finally had to cross Pine Island (busy intersection). Unfortunately b/c I wasn't with traffic before I wasn't prepared to cross so I wound up sitting at the intersection for about 5 minutes.
My left foot was unclipped and I kept my right clipped in. All of a sudden I'm falling over.
It was like in slow motion. Fell to the right and caught ALL my 112 pounds on my right hip!!
A very nice man who was waiting to turn right rolled his window down to ask if i was ok. Very nice of him. I was laughing trying to play off my incredible embarrassment!
Once I got myself up and finally decided it would be safe to cross (the little walking man NEVER flashed). When I was crossing in front of the traffic getting ready to go the the light turned green. The cars STARTED TO GO!!!! I shout out "Whoa wait a minute!!!!" And their answer to slam on the breaks and swear at me! One guy even pushed the gas to rev his engine!!
Trying not to cry... from the embarisment, pain and hurt feeling from people swearing at me I finished crossing and finished my ride.
I now do all my bike training on my trainer