Sunday, May 31, 2009

Walking in clip shoes is an experience. This was my longest transition. Ridiculous we had to run over a grovel parking lot to get back to transition. That just ups my toughness right?!
Have to say its a little disappointing when you come into transition and almost all the bikes are already gone. =P

My camel back was heaven sent. Havn't used it for Years but it was perfect for the race. I made Gatorade ice cubes to go in the actual Gatoraide, so it kept my back cool too. It was perfect. I'm not coordinated enough on my bike to be drinking from a h2o bottle.
I think I would've killed myself.
So the Causeway.. the HUGE BRIDGE... (see past post) I didn't shift right on the way up the first time and just about died. I did make it to the top though. I refused to sop half way. I'm pretty proud of that. Well on the way back up I got the shifting right and WOW what a difference. Wish I had got it right the first time!!!!!!
The kids were pretty upset. Especially Isaac.
He wanted to run the last with me. I have to say I was disappointed too.