Sunday, May 31, 2009

My wonderful husband. He helped me get ready the night before. Then got me up at 5 and the kids in the car by 5:40. He also supported me through the 3 months of training. I love him and my children so much. Its amazing how much more you have to give when you take care of yourself too. It takes a great husband to help you do that,
and anyone who knows Josh know thats what I have.

The finish!!!! (above)
Isaac took this shot. Future in Photo? Maybe?

Do you see those clouds? That would be the reason the shortened it to a normal sprint. swim 1/4 mile bike 10 miles run 3.1 miles
Guess they didn't want anyone shruck by lighting.
On our way into the race the clouds would light up like in the movie "Independence Day". You know when the ships come down. It was crazy but really pretty.
Took me a minute to realise it was lightning.

It meant so much for me to have the kids there. Probably get a babysitter for now on since Josh will be doing them with me.
I just realized that I'm setting an example of healthy living to my children. Well at least the physical activity part. I'll still be working on the eat right thing. Haugen Daz for breakfast?!!