Friday, October 24, 2008

The Big 30!!

Thats right Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Josh turned 30 years old on October 20th.
Josh summed up his birthday by saying,"your officially an adult when you turn 30, you can't call yourself a 'Young adult' anymore."
It was a very anticlimactic day considering Lincoln was really sick in the days that led up to the BIG day.
I did sneak his cell away from him that morning and called all his friends, so we had a bunch of people over for icecream cake. It was a surprise but not as big as I'd hoped since Josh was the one answering the door every time someone showed up. But then again it could be seen as lots of little surprises. Everyone stayed for about 45 minutes because they all had to go home and study.
Oh and the kids picked him out new New balance Shoes for school, they wound up being too tight. If I had just ordered the exact same pair that he already had (Que taken for Tyson Soptich) he wouldn't have to return them. As is was he wasn't too thrilled by then and he has to take them back.
All in all it wasn't a very exciting day for him. I felt bad but he doesn't really drop clues or anything to help me out.