Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yes high school dances! I went to just about all of them and some that weren't even my school. My moms favorite pic is the top one where everyone is dressed immodest except me. And the photographer placed me first. It was a bad night though. I had a chemical burn all over my face and I was really self confident as you can see by my posture.
Park Express!! It was our high school show choir. And we were considered the best in the school. So much fun and a tight nit group, at least my senior year. This was when we performed the medley for RENT. We went to Hottopics and they let us borrow clothing for it. The girls picked my outfit out. It actually suited me really well because I was all 70s back then. And yes that is a belly chain (hemp)! I didn't realize until after the show that you could see my bra in the lights. Oh well it added to the outfit right.
Complete contrast to the modest pic above huh. But it was a costume.
The best thing about being in P EX was that my brother was also in it. He's in the front row with the green shiny shirt and stripped beany.
All I have to say about this is CHECK OUT THOSE LEGS! Tan and fit. Ah college years. This was in Canada with my college choir. My "short shorts" days.