Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sydney is definitely a daddy's girl but she still loves me too. Here it was getting close to 8 pm and she was pretty beat. Josh is asking her if she's ready for bed and she's thinking about it. Here is Josh with the Greene's baby. I had to snap a pic not only because he's such a cute boy but I can't remember the last baby Josh held that wasn't ours. Maybe Rex, but as far as non family goes I don't know that I've EVER seen him hold another baby. They really got along!
So the fire was too hot at this point to roast marshmallows so Isaac was just putting them on the stick and then eating them. I think he had about 8. Maybe that's what gave him the energy to play capture the flag with the big kids till 9:30. Of course we all know that Isaac doesn't need sugar to give him energy.
And my genius idea of the kem lights worked Beautiful. For just a buck the kids got a great necklace and I could always tell where they were when the were out of the fire lights. And judging on how low to the ground the light was I could tell if it was Sydney or Isaac. I am a genius and we'll be doing that every camping trip now.