Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well here he is!!!!
The first pic is a 3D pic. Cool huh! She had a tough time at first because the cord was floating right in front of his face. And trust me his lips don't look that big when they are closed. They look full of collagen here! =) But when we were watching her try to capture his pic we could defiantly tell he has his daddy's lips! I'm very excited about that. He has my family nose, just like Sydney's which she takes after my mom. I love my moms nose!!
He was rubbing his face in to the placenta so we couldn't get a great picture even after the cord moved.
Now the second pic is so special because Isaac did the SAME thing!! The tec and doctor thought it was so cute and when we told them Isaac did the same thing they were really surprised. They do ultrasounds all day and I guess they don't see that. Kind of crazy huh!!
He's also about 3 1/2 pounds, that puts him at 70% for his gestation. I didn't know they did % before birth but it makes sense. They say he'll be a health 7-7 1/2
All said and done he is healthy and Very active.
And as a side note.... if you are in your second third or even fourth pregnancy get a "MATERNITY BELT"
they are miracle workers. With each pregnancy the muscle that secures your back and uterus (supports them) that's it vacation earlier and longer. I wish I had had one of these for Sydney. With this pregnancy I felt like my back was breaking all the time and the pain would send me into contractions. I've had the belt a day and a half and my contractions are more then 50% reduced. I love this thing!