Sunday, October 17, 2010

Was i the last one to learn about Stein Mart???

Yes I know I'm tired. I guess I could've put on a smile. the picture doesnt show how much I really love this dress. I mean I REALLY I LOVE this dress. For $9.99 I loved it EVEN MORE! Its very "Mad Men". I've decided to take my style in the 60' direction.
No surprise to most people b/c I've always been a throw back type of girl. But over the last few years my style has been kind of all over the place.
Some Molly mormon, some retro chic, some too tired to care, some trying to be like heidi (had to throw that in b/c I love her style) or just trying to anyone else besides me.
I recently read an article about how you need to figure out your look b/c what you wear tells a lot about you. I've thought and have decided the way I want to dress is similar to the way I want to decorate my house. Simple and Classic with a little bit of eclectic thrown in there.
I made the sweater chain last night. I've seen them on the Glee Cast and now on mad men and I just LOVE them. really your suppose to just wear your sweater over your shoulders and use your pin to keep it in place... but oh well.