Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumkin Patch

So we decided to go to the local pumpkin patch (recommended by Heidi). It was really just a bunch of pallets with pumpkins on it but it worked for us.
Right by the entrance was the NASTIEST pumpkin EVER.
Lincoln loved walking around saying "oooo look at that one".
And they had a sweet deal of .50 "baby" pumpkins. So they each got one.

Sydney ofcourse loved that Idea about as much as she loves posing for pics."Thats a biiiigggg one" Much cuter hearing it in person then reading it. He would say it while caressing each pumpkin.
It took team work to finally haul the mother load up to the cashier. so cute!
But look theres a cart!

I dont know if I've ever seen bluer eyes. He even has his daddy beat.
I'm in the picture too. He thought he was so sneaky about this whole thing. It cracked me up.

Now is it my imagination or is he really starting to look older??
So it was Josh that finally figured out that there was a fingerprint smudge on the lens of the camera. I thought it was just a holy glow!

this sweet old man helped us get to the car. And yes he offered the kids a hay ride,
minus the hay.

Isaac with our pumpkin booty!!

The older gentleman was kind enough to take the pic. I hardly ever get to be in the pic with my kids. you know how it is.