Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Launch Pad

The Fly Lady has you set up a launch pad. A place where everything is so dont have to look for anything ei. shoes, keys, purse, ect.
Our front door is to the left of the pic.
We store our keys and phones in the mail center I repainted. It was a sweet 80's light wood. No not the same "light wood" as the bookcase/table.
I need to rearrange the pics so that they flow better but really thats at the bottom of my list of things to do.
Each person has their own cubby for book bags and things. Well Lincoln and I actually share one right now, I have my church purse and everyday purse. That way I dont have to switch up at the last minute on Sunday morning and try and find scriptures and diapers and everything else. We also share a shoe basket which is located under everyones allotted cubby.

This is the 1st area of my home that I have thought out and decorated. I know its not much but I'm really proud. Yes I made my bud wreath with the monogram "S". Gave myself a huge blister too. And ofcourse we have Bernard and Josh's cycling trophy. I asked him if I could spray paint it silver to match our FHE plaque but he said that would ruin it.