Friday, August 6, 2010


I know we are the only family that deals with keeping their kids still for FHE. haha So I had an inspiration of my own. "They need clear boundaries as to where they should be during FHE."
I was going to do Carpet squares so they could slid under the couch. But no one seems to sell Carpet Remnants anymore. You can buy carpet tiles but they are pricey so the ones I would be able to buy would've been tiny.
I dont expect them to sit on the pillows the whole time but they can lay on them or prop themselves up on them. As long as their bodies are stationary and in contact with the pillows...
I got the pillows for cheap at Ross and the covers I used drop cloth from Home Depot, my new fav material. It has an organic look to it and its CHEAP. Thank you to the ladies of blogging world for introducing me to it. I then printed out the text and used contact paper to secure it to some thicker plastic. (For Christmas/Birthday I'm asking for a Silhouette Machine) I had to cut them all out with an exact-o knife. I used Wrought Iron acrylic paint. this is all after I machine stitch the 3 sides closed leaving an opening to shove the pillow in. (pillow went in after the paint dried)
Once I did put the pillow in I hidden stitched the last part closed.

I used my snap thingy my mom got me (LOVE IT MOM) to add snaps to the ribbon to keep all the pillows together. And of course I had to add the fabric flower and a little bling.I'm soooo excited I did this. I hope it actually works.
The main reason I'm so excited is that I cruise blogs everyday and everyday I'm amazed but the creativity I see. I've copied quit a few things (rose wreath) but had yet to think of an idea and complete it all on my own.
Ya for being in your Thirties and deciding who you want to be.