Thursday, July 1, 2010

My free curb side desk is almost done.

My WONDERFUL neighbor Jen helped me load it into the back of my van. It has sat in the corner waiting to be redone. A couple days later I stopped and picked up what I think was a kitchen cabinet. I pulled off some wood that was nailed to the bottom and its going to hang over my desk to help with my craft storage.
He's my personal photographer! And no I didnt ask him to document me (in all my glory) in fact I asked him not to. But then as I was getting ready to delete the photos he told me "but I took them b/c I was so proud of you!" And you know I'm proud of me too!!!

This picture doesnt even come close to showing the amount of paint and dirt I had all over my legs. Anyways... the desk is grey except for the trim around the doors
and the front of the drawers.