Thursday, July 1, 2010

So the outside of the drawers are grey against the purple of the desk and the front of the drawers. With the lovely clearanced knobs I found at Home Depot!!

This is the inset of my floating cabinet. I modpodged Amy Butler paper on the backing and had to trim it with ribbon to cover the fact that my edges had HUGE gaps.
The picture really doesnt do it justice but our good camera is on the outs since going to the beach and getting sand in it. It was so HOT today! I sweated through 2 outfits before giving up and putting on shorts and a wifebeater. Should've done that in the first place. Tow layers of clothing + 96 degree heat + sanding down a desk = 1 stinky, sticky laura! Isaac was a genious and helped prime in his underwear! He snapped a pic of me in one of my sweatiest moments. my hair was stuck to my head. Anyways... I'll finish the trim on the front tomorrow and the doors will go up on the cabinet oh and I have to finish the chair.
Stay tuned for the final reveal!