Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July!!

So I dont have any pics from the 4th of July because our camera is officially dead.
So I borrowed some from my friend Heidi. She is an amazing Photographer and is for hire. You can look her up H.A.M. Photography. Its one of my "likes" on Facebook.
These are just her causual shots. Her true shots are amazing.
She's the one that did our family pics.
We went to the Odenwalder's annual "Crab/Shrimp boil". Such a cute couple and so creative. Below is the cook of the evening...Shawn. His lovely wife and one of my good friends is expecting their 2nd child in just weeks. How she had the energy to host this I'll never know.

Heidi asked Sydney if she wanted to have a Photo shoot and of course she jumped at the chance. She just had tubes put in her ears and adenoids taken out the day before... does she look it? more about her surgery soon.

I'm guessing there were more then 20 people there that night. We all went out to the coldasac and watched the guys shoot off the fireworks the bought. Lance the neighbor and his brother had some BIG ones!!!! Amys house is also the perfect spot to watch the Town of Davie shoot their fireworks show. Lincoln decided he's rather stay inside then be exposed to such load noises. He was happy eating cookies and planing trains. Isaac and Sydney had a great time too.
All in All thanks to the Odenwalders for a GREAT 4th.
And another shout out to Heidi for her pics.