Friday, December 25, 2009

Fantasy Lights!

Jenessa and I took the kids to see Holiday Fantasy lights at Tradewinds Park. Its up in Coconut Creek. Took a little bit to get there but i felt it was worth it.
You have to pay by the car to get in and we got the kids 3D glasses.
All they did was put snowflakes around each light,
but it was cute.

We rolled the windows down and light the kids stick their heads out to look at all the different displays. There was 3 miles of lights. Pretty Cool!
the only thing that ruined it was the people trying to pass me. Come on where are they going to go? People are always in SUCH A HURRY down here! Seriously your going to pay to go through this route and your going to try and do it as fast as you can? Come on!