Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kids went to the dentist....

this is a pediatric dental office. They have the four chairs and the parents sit along the wall. This is only for exams and cleaning. If you have to have further work done they take you into an actual room. they also have TVs up on the wall so the kids can watch while they are being worked on. Dr. Nigel was very cool.

Isaac and Sydney did a FANTASTIC job. you wouldnt even know that Josh has to sometimes pin them down to brush they're teeth. It was so great. I was so proud. No cavities!!
Isaac has some wear on his front teeth from grinding (sometimes you can hear him from out in the hall). The doctor said he wasn't worried about it and there's a good chance he stop the habit on his own before his adult teeth come in. If not then we'll have to see about a mouth guard.
With our family history he'll probably have to have a guard like his mom.