Friday, October 9, 2009

Yeah, I dont know how the kids came up with that nickname but thats what we call her. I got this tent @ the kohls grand opening and sadie just loves it. Of course now it kind of smells like dog but the kids dont care.

The teddy bear that Sydney is holding is more then 25 years old! When I was in Kindergarden I wrote to my dad who was overseas in korea. He sent me this little bear back and I have treasured it ever since. Funny thing is I don't ever remember naming it? Probably teddy.
Me and linocln just hanging out one night. Litarally... he crawled on to my lap and just hung there. it was hilarious! i would've never guessed that he would have the personality that he has. He's a totally comedian, and loves to be the center of attention. but he doesn't care if he has it or not... but when you give it to him... he just cracks me up.