Friday, October 9, 2009

Our visit to Josh's campus

Oh Sydney and her Princess boots! Got them at the Kohls grand opening and she wears them everywhere! She feel asleep with them on the 1st night. I find them tacky with their tassels and light up princesses.
But of course thats what makes them irresistible to styalish almost 4 year olds!

There are cannals all over Florida. This is one that is on campus. Nasty really. Some have turtles and fish and yes alligators. This one is mainly full of bottom dwelling fish, some turtles and a ton of pond scum and weeds!

This is Sydney's kitty that Lincoln carries with him everywhere.
And below we have a tender moment of peace between siblings. Actually all said these two get along really well.

Isaac made the remark of "I'm going to jump in" and I said he's be in BIG trouble if he did. Course 5 minutes later I hear a splash. I turned on him sooo mad! And everyone around is rushing up to see if they cold pull him out, if he was ok, ect.
My reaction "He's fine, at least till he gets out!" Turns out a guy saw him "fall" in. Isaac didn't jump but was squatting down to look in the water and fell in. I told Isaac to thank him because if he hadn't told me Isaac would've been in BIG trouble. As it was... he had to swim through the nastyness and was wet for the rest of the time there. I just picked the water weeds off him and told him to be careful!
Idont even want to think about what people thought of me as a other.