Friday, October 9, 2009

Lincoln chatting away on my phone.
We now have it set so you have to push 2 buttons to unlock it.

So Isaac has a hard time with personal space. This is one of Josh's class mates and he's playing a computer game. Its like flies to poop! Isaac kept inching closer and closer. Like if he moved slow enough the guy wouldn't notice him! I guess he forgot that he smelled.

Ahh Sydney really is such a pretty girl.
If only she would let my brush her hair so you could see her face.
Lincoln and Sydney's kitty. He loves this thing. Carries it every where. Its a fur real pet. No fur reals! When you pet its back it meows and moves its head around. He now sees a cat or dog and makes that sounds. Its pretty cute!

I know my mother loves it when I wear my hair in these pathetic pony tails. But when my hair hits this in between stage what else do you do?