Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Miami Metro Zoo

Through out my parents journeys around the world they have been to MANY zoos. I hadn't realised how many or how unexcited they were to go to ours till we got there. Turns out... we have an amazing zoo. I like it but my mom couldn't stop with the compliments. I was thrilled. She says its definitely in the top 10 and close tot he top. She said it was absolutely beautiful. And it really is. We rented a bike because that's the only way to hit up this zoo and pedaled our way around. Unfortunately with the kids melting down before our eyes we had to call it before we got to feed the giraffes.
I'm only putting the tigers on here but there are many more pics. But tigers are my favorite. If you double click the pic you can see the white one laying on the roots to the left. Besides the otters and we couldn't get a good shot of them. One thing my mom loved besides all the birds (she loved the birds) was the fact that you can't see any of the animals nightly enclosures. I have to admit that is cool.
This is a picture to show how strong Lincoln is with his head already.
Oh and the weather was perfect. We were afraid we were going to get thrashed by a huge thunderstorm but it by passed the zoo. So we just got the cool breeze from it. But by afternoon it was back to the 90s and HOT! But that was just about when we were leaving.