Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Whats a trip to Florida with out going to the beach. WE got this sweet tent on sale in Utah and never really used it. Mitzi brought it to us when she came to visit and its perfect for Florida!!
And yes that's me behind the tent. I don't even recognize myself.
We like going to this beach because it has bathrooms and showers right there. It makes it a lot easier to wash the kids off and get them into the car. Grandma and Grandpa loved the beach. The water is perfect this time of year. I wish though that I had gotten a picture of grandpa Love's sunburn, because MAN was it a doosy. And actually dad pointed out that I only have one picture of him the whole trip. That did make me sad when I realised that, but that's what happens when you man the camera. That's why you rarely see pictures of moms.