Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sydney didn't have any winter dress. Why? because I didn't think she needed them. But believe it or not it does get chilly here and tank top dresses weren't cutting it. So I lucked out and went to a Carters outlet and got this dress for about $8!! I got one other one which is pretty cute too, I'll take a pic of it next Sunday. What you can't see is the gorgeous brown hair bow I made to go with both dresses. Big thanks to Wymount enrichment =)!!! She looked soooo cute today it KILLED me. Isaac ofcourse is into dressing himself... needless to say it wasn't picturesk but he pretty proud of himself so we let him go as he was.
Tough guys have temp tattoos of dragons on their arms. I should have had him flex because he actually does have definition. I think his facial expression is priceless just like he is.