Sunday, February 3, 2008

Josh holding Isaac.
So I was tagged for the husband thing a while ago
but havn't had time to sit and do it so here we go.....
What is his name? Joshua Thomas Sparks
How long have you been together? Married 8 years on June 30th, known each other since we were 16.
How long did you date? I never considered us dating. Hanging out and kissing on a guy to me was not dating. Sad but True!
We remet in January and were engaged by April and Married by June.
How old his he? 29
Who eats more? Uh ya that would be him.
Who said I love you first? He did. (could've been the two piece I was wearing in the hot tub with him, but he seemed pretty serious.) When I could tell he was waiting to hear it from me... "everytime I've said that to someone I've been hurt." J"I would never hurt you." Then I answered, "I love you too." And Josh ofcourse said, "remember who said it first."
Isn't that like from a million different movies? But it is the way it went down.
Who can sing better? I do but I think its only because I've been trained a little and have always loved the spot light. Josh has a good voice but has no desire to be heard.
Who is smarter? Josh by far! Not many people know how incredibly bright he really is. And its not just because of school, he has a really high IQ. Although his dad said Josh was lucky to find me because "more then half of society is below the official stupidity level".
I think that was always meant as a compliment to me?!
Who does the laundry? Depends on how slack I become. Most of the time its Josh asking me on the way out to school if I could please do a load of laundry today since he's down to the last of it. He always asks me nicely.
Who pays the bills? It use to be me but somehow Josh has taken over and thats fine by me.
Who sleeps in the right side? I sleep on the right side... its two feet from the bathroom and I have a cleat shot to the bedroom door since I seem to be the only one who hears the kids.
Who mows the lawn? I don't care for mowing. I've always considered that a man's job.
So, Congrats Josh. Ofcourse it means nothing now or probably for 10 more years since we don't have a lawn.
Who cooks dinner? That would be me. I do really well with having dinner ready when
josh gets home, for a coule weeks and then I go into slack mode for a while and then pick it back up again. I often wonder what it would be like to have a meal waiting when I got home everyday?
Who drives? When Josh is with us that would be him. He refuses to sit in what he call the "B" seat which is short for the B---- seat. Not that thats what he calls it when I sit there (the passenger seat) Just when the wife drives and the husband is in the passenger's seat. He's not hardcore to care enough when being dropped off for school but other wise he is the drive. I know you wouldn't have thought Josh would care huh?
Who is more stubborn? Oh definetly me. Not as bad as before I was on medication but still pretty bad.
Who kissed who first? So here's the thing... I was tring to go a whole month of hanging out (dating) with out kissing him. Believe it or not I was one to kiss on a first date if I felt like it. But that didn't really lead to lasting relationships. After I figured out I had kissed 20 different guys I made a pact that I would marry the next guy I kissed. That would put me at 21. More then my fingers and toes thats not counting repeat offenders. But the 21 st would have to wait since I was preparing to go on a mission anyways.
So I went to all lengths, wearing hats, sitting a good distance away, not sitting in the truck at the end of the evening, ect. Anyways we were talking in the truck and I could tell... so I leaned over him to open his door (small truck) and I think he took it as a move and his lips met mine. I lasted three weeks. And I have to say that of all the lips that have met mine, Josh is BY far the BEST KiSSER ever. I mean next time you see a piture of him take a look at his lips!! WOW!! He still gives me shivers after almost 8 years.
Who asked who out first? I sked him! I was on a date with another guy and we dropped by the singles Dance. Now my rule was if you go to a dance or a party on or after a date, the date was off. My date went to talk to another girl,I got annoyed (even inspite of my rule) I had a lot of rules. So I walked up to Josh and asked "So when are you going to take ME out?" I was a cocky little bugger. His answer, "How about Friday?"
Who proposed? I don't know, there was never a proposal really just an agreement. We were on the phone J"So you know what your mom says about dating. You either break up or get married. Well I don't want to break up!" L"Are we dating?" J-silence L"ok lets say we're dating... I don't want to break up either." J"So I guess were getting married?!" L"I guess we're getting married?!" And that was that.
Who has more friends? I do. I think I need them More. Josh is happy with me as his bestfriend and a few guy friends . He hates it when I invite couples over and he actually has to meet new people. Funny huh because I've never met anyone who doesn't like Josh.
Who is more sensitive?Thats a toss up because me being a women and pregnant right now you'd think it was me but Josh is a softy and things can sting him prettty bad. But he lets go of things so fast. I'd have to say that it would most likely be me.
Who has more siblings? Josh. His mom had 5 kids in 6 years and then adoptated her neice when her sister passed from breast cancer. So there are 6 kids in 6 years. To the day October 20th. Wow is right!
Who wears the pants? I'd say its equal. We have amazing balance!!!!
I'm truely blessed to be married to a man like Joshua Thomas Sparks. He is a wonderful husband and father and I could not ask for more. I often say that with Josh what you see is what you get but thats not true. It is true he hides nothing that would give you a negative feeling about him, but he keeps his best qualities hiden. He's not a man to brag. I was reading the scriptures with him one night and we came to the scripture that descibes Charity. I looked at him and said, "thats a perfect desciption of you honey!" He brushed it off but I truely meant it. Read that verse (I don't know which it is but I'm sure you do) and that in an inderstated nut shell is my husband.