Sunday, February 17, 2008

This post is in no way meant to sound as bragging or conseated in any way. I'm just expressing frustration that the only time I can seem to look remotely healthy is when I'm pregnant.
So here I am at about 25 weeks pregnant and almost 30 ounds heavier. I have to say it looks good on me. My goal after this baby is to get healthy. People relate being skinny with healthy and I can tell you not is not so. I left Utah in April and I think I was maybe a 100 pounds. Thats what the stomuch flu does to you. Especially when you have it 3 times in one year. YUCK!!
The pics at Joshs graduation were so said, I looked like I would fall over if you sneezed on me. The first thing my dad said to me when he say me was "girl you need to put some weight on!" And boy was he right.
So after the babies born please keep me in your prayers. I want to not only look strong and healthy but be strong and healthy.
And thanks mom for the shirt, I love it!!!