Sunday, November 20, 2011

Love Bug is Cheering

So for $40 we signed Love Bug up for cheer. That includes her uniform, minus the turtle neck and leggings, and her pompoms. I'm hoping it helps her speach and confidence in speecking in front of people. She's loud as can be at home but out of the house she's speaks as quiet as a mouse. She was teased last year. Some of the boys kept calling her a baby. I told her it was probably because they liked her but she said it was because they think she talks like a baby.
We'll have to wait and see if my plan works. Anyways...
She cheers with her team for both of the basketball teams that are playing in the game. So their squad isnt paired up with a specific team.

I think its great because they have a game to cheer for every Saturday but they are learning to encourage any and everyone playing the game.
She was so tired that day. Pretty sure her ears were bothering her again.
Unlike the civilian cheer squads... our girls are a little more covered and not caked with makeup.
I think we have 10-12 girls. They practice an hour twice a week. Horrible time though. Mon and Wed 5-6pm. Who thought of that??
All of them were pretty out of it that Saturday not just Sydney. I'm curious to see how tonight's practice will go.
One of the moms is going to make matching hair bows for all the girls. We just grabbed a red hair clip out of her box. I made this one last year I think.
All in all I think she's liking it. Hopefully she wont get bored half way through the season like soccer.