Sunday, October 23, 2011

North West Trek with Grandma and Grandpa

So every other Wed. is a 1/2 day for the school district. Since Sydney is morning Kindergarten every other 1/2 day is a day off for her.
I decided that we as a family would take that day to go on family field trips. Yes I keep Isaac home once a month for the field trips.
We've been to the Zoo, the Fair and now NW Trek.
My Mom and Dad decided to take the day off and come with us. I was so excited. It was a wonderful day!

We met my parents at Dennys for breakfast and then headed out to
NW Trek.

There were several animal encounters on the side of the paths.
I've gotten to where I'm really fond of Porcupines!
So stinken CUTE!!!

We made our way to the Tram Tour.
The tour takes you in and around the 435-acre (176 ha) free-range area.
It has big windows which we could open to get a bigger view of all the animals.
The first corner we turned and saw tons of animals. Bison, elk, and even a family of racoons.
Now you think that racoons are nocturnal but the grazing animals are fed in the day so thats when the racoons come out. Fascinatingly adaptable little guys. They are digging up left overs from the elk feeding.

The tour lasted about an hour so the kids snacked as we kept our eyes peeled for animals in their natural habit (more or less).

I dont know whats going on with my blog.... the commentary and pics are not lining up. That means the rest of this post will be photo blogging.

I can summarize by saying it was a wonderful. With a few underwear accidents and lots of smiles.

Later on that night Gandma and grandpa watched the kids for about 2 hours while Josh and I went out with the Colonels and his class. The kids ate pizza and watch
Black Beards Ghost.
When we got back the kids told us all about they're favorite part.
"Get his Guns!!"

On the list for future
Family Field Trips....

The Museum of Glass
The Seattle Science Museum
The SWAT department at the
Lakewood Police Dept.
and a few other places.