Monday, March 14, 2011

Bowling with the Family

How cute is this picture! So many little feet!
Since trying to go bowling the day before was a huge BUST... when AllMyLove got back from taking the WREBS we all headed over to try again.

HAB by far was the funniest. SB was obsessed with winning, LB wasnt really into it, she'd rather pose for the camera but Lincoln LOVED it!
He got to a point where he would actually sit on my lap and wait his turn. I think the animations on the screen were helping in that.
He really is such a character! Makes me smile!
that is unless he's not smiling, then he makes sure no one around him is smiling.
Wait for it... Wait for it...
He actually hit some pins this time. i love it!Now SB of course was focused on being the best and proving to everyone that he actually knew everything there is to know about bowling.
"this is how you hold the ball." Was just one of the many tid bits of wisdom he had to share.
And truth be told his form wasnt too bad. I mean he is still 6 years old.

LoveBug carried her ball like a baby and then dropped it when she got to the line. Reminded me of when I tried shot put and almost broke my toe!
Seriously it took like 5 minutes for her ball to get to the end of the lane just to gutter right before the pins. But hey whats a girl to do?
Pose for pictures! Doesnt that make every girl feel better?
And she really is cute huh?
Such a poser... enough said.They love waiting for the ball to come up and kept getting in trouble for getting their hands and faces in the way. Yes LB's finger was eventually smashed by one of the balls. Thats why they decided it would be safer on the floor.
We spent a ridiculous $10 on 6 mozzarella sticks, A bottle of H2O, and a nasty bag of popcorn.
But in the kids eyes.... "the best day ever!" Sang by spongebob of course.
And believe it or not no temper-tantrums when we had to go.
It was a great afternoon.