Friday, September 26, 2008

So blogger keeps putting my pics in some weird computer language when I try to post. Its driving me crazy. Help anyone?! They show up on the blog fine but not when I'm creating!

So a had a request for an actual update on life... If you're really up for it...
read on.......

So life durning Boards or Josh studing for boards I should say, was not too fun. I had an IUD put in when Lincoln was about 6 weeks and I swear it made my meds go wacko! I couldn't stand anyone in my little family with the exception of Lincoln, everyone else got on my last nerve. josh was the worst, poor guy got just about all of it. He could'nt do anything right and I thought I was falling out of love with him or something. I thought we would be ok once boards was over but once he took the test and was around more it got worse! I finally talked to a few friends about how to save my marriage, and my girlfriend Michael was like, "Wow you need to change your meds!" And that was that. I still had a hard time but knowing that it was most likely my medication helped me and especially Josh. So no I'm switching off one and on to the other so the next few weeks should be fun again.
I got a gym membership where I can go drop the kids off at their daycare and have "me work out time". I'm also a member of the Nova SE Community Choir "the nova singers". WE meet every Tues. 7-10. So that gets me out of the house once a week. josh has been really supportive of both the gym and the choir.
So now I love Josh again and I'm fitting into so seriously cute cloths, and loveing all 120 pounds of me!
Some days are still tough but I can handle somedays. It was just really scarey for a while there.
Thank you for everyone I called to cry to extra thanks to Leah (my 'always there for me sister'), Amanda, and Michael.