Sunday, August 3, 2008

Six Weeks Body Makeover

Ladies and Gentlemen...
We are 1 week into the make over and Laura has lost a total of 6 pounds!!!!!!!!
I know all of you are saying "She doesn't need to lose andy wieght!!"
Oh con trer! (did I spell that right?) Only Josh sees me naked!!

This skirt woudn't zip up last week and strutted my stuff in it today and not uncomfortably either! Shirt a little small but THATS HOW I LIKE IT BABY!!!
So seriously Josh and I started the six week body make over. Its by the guy whos on Extreme Makeover. No not the house one!!
You have to eat like 9 times a day. Thats been hard for me because the kids don't necessarily slow down for you to stop and it. In fact Isaac has said once already, "your eating again mommy!"
Josh has lost almost 10 pounds.
Reasons this diet is hard...
it takes sodium out of your diet. I had no idea I had a love affair with salt until it left me! Or I left it I should say! Man does that stuff taste GOOD!!!!!
Lots of water
walk, not run but walk 5-6 days a week for 45 minutes. Do I have 45 minutes by myself? no so I wind up going with at least two kids or 3 kids and a dog!
Cooking all the food in one day and the eating all the time.
I saw a change the first day!
I figure I won't be doing it the entire six weeks just maybe 2 more. But I'm going to keep the walking up and move to running. If I can I'd like to start training for a 1/2 marathon thats in January! Thats right Calley and Bethany. I want to start setting some goals for myself to accomplish. All of you have been such good examples to me of that and I want that satisfaction for myself now too.
oh and I'll be blogging more not just posting pics and capstioning them. I figure this is going to be my journal since I can't seem to pick up a pen!
Next week I'll have another weight loss update!
Oh and Josh posed me for these pics. The one is somesort of bodybuilding pose. and I swear my hair looks better in person.