Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trying to take pics for our Holiday Cards!

I love this shot of of my Love Bug and my parents tree!
I seriously took almost 100 pics of these kids to try and get 3 good ones for a card to send out!
I wound up with 3. SERIOUSLY!!
These next three are the ones I chose... the rest... well lets just say I'm still learning a lot!!
This one of Snuggle Bug is a little blurry but I chose a little blurry over the other ones. lol That and the card I picked cuts the tree out anyways.

Hugga Bug is such a clown its hard to get a REAL smile out of him.

and then theres Love Bug... the perfect poser. Of course she has been trying to smile with out showing her teeth. It takes all the twinkle out of her eyes. I love her big smile.

When did she start looking so grown up?
SB took a few shots of me... mmaaahhh.
I swear my hair always looks like a helmet in pics. I swear it has more dimension in person. And then the pic below I didnt know the camera was going off for this one.
I like it a lot better with my $5 old navy scarf on anyways. Not into the whole strappy tank showing.This is what most of SBs pics looked like. Oh about 25 of them!
Maybe he gets the whole bug eye thing from me.
Theres just something about this pic of HB that just makes me SMILE!

It was really hard to figure out which setting to use to get the right amount of light I wanted. No I'm not to the point I can manually shoot. But I'm getting an idea of which setting uses a certain shutter speed and aperture. So theres progress.
This is a total darling pic of HB. I had the Flash on (above) and I didnt have a matching one of SB and LB so I couldnt use this one for the card. But its cute huh! And the one below I played with a lot of the color settings. I think I'm going to inverst in a Photo Shop. A very BASIC one!
Such a soft pic. (below) A perfect one to end this post with.

I do love my bugs!!!