Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doin the Puyallup

Theres a reason I named the blog this....

Yes I took 3 kids to the Puyallup fair all by myself! I had them wear their camel backs and had their dog tags on with my cell phone number on them. I lost Snugglebug twice (not bad for how many distracting things are at a fair) and Huggabug once. Good thing they are red heads. All I had to do is look at someone , hold my hand to show how tall they are and say, "have you seen a red head go by here?"
People wonder why I dont get scared when that happens.... I guess I just think the best of people. So many times I say people watching Huggabug wondering "who is he with?" I'd wave my hand and say "he's with me!" And they would look relieved. People do care.

We rode lots of rides. We being "them" rode lots of rides. Those bracelets were a pretty penny. I didnt buy one because I was sick from buying theirs. But that let them go on as many rides as time would allow. Other wise it was .50 a ticket and most rides were 6 or more tickets to ride.
SnuggleBug was very patient with the rides. He really wanted to go on the big ones but found out he had to have an adult ride with him. Well I wasnt about to ride. Who would watch the otehr two kids?

He had a good time on the "baby" rides even if he wont admit it.
The swings were the big hit though. Always are.

Mutton BustinWikipedia defines Mutton Busting as

An event where a sheep is held still, either in a small chute or by an adult handler while a child is placed on top in a riding position. Once the child is seated atop the sheep, the sheep is released and usually starts to run in an attempt to get the child off. Often small prizes or ribbons are given out to the children who can stay on the longest. There are no set rules for mutton busting, no national organization, and most events are organized at the local level.[2]

The vast majority of children participating in the event fall off in less than 8 seconds. Age, height and weight restrictions on participants generally prevent injuries to the sheep

What it really is is HILARIOUS!!!
Lovebug was the best girl by far. She said she liked riding the sheep but didnt like falling off.
If you look closely you can see her flip over.

These guys are Mountainboarders.
Basically they took a snow board and put huge beefy wheels on it. They go down ramps and do all shorts of skateboarding tricks.
Snugglebug was in Heaven! We caught the end of one show and came back to watch the full thing and get autographs and pics later.
After the end of the first MBing show we stayed and watched a circus act. SB was called out of the audience to help lift chairs. He earned a dollar. The guy was pretty funny!
I was defiantly a highlight of his day.

Lovebug was pretty beat by then and tried to take a nap but the show was too enticing. She loved the Silk Arial Dancer.

We got a caremel apple and hit the animal barns.Snugglebug started laughing hysterically when he saw theses sheep. "Mom look at these sheep! They have cloths on!"
Turns out the owners do that to keep the wool clean.
He thought it was pretty funny.


My bugs especially loved the Bunny. SOOO SOFT!
and there were goats and sheep

and chicks
and this really cool Goose.
He wasnt in the petting zoo but I loved him. I should've gotten the name.
I call them Angora geese. They has these crazy fluffy feathers. Beautiful.
Then we went and saw all the doggies and asked a bunch of questions. Then to my favorite....
The horses.... Ofcourse the first ones we saw were too big and scary for Huggabug to approach. When he turned around screaming NOOOO he saw the shetlon ponies
"these are my kind of horseys mommy!"
He then proceeded to do a goofy happy dance.

I eventually got him to come over to the draft horses. They are my favorite.
Snugglebug got a kick out of watching them poop. Of course.
They are crazy big!!!! The kids come up to their knee caps!

So the wagon was a life saver.... when they werent bugging each other. I could get to one side of the fair to the other quickly with out loosing anyone to distraction.

We got there a little before 11am and got home at almost 9pm.
Yes that was a LONG day. But all in all... we had a good time.
I have great kids and really enjoyed them.
They were so beat I had them stay home from school the next day and had them veg out!

Till the next adventure.....