Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lincoln and Dad were teamed up while I had Photo duty. Actually jos didnt really get a choice at to what he got stuck doing.

Here comes Sydney. Josh says she looked like she could've done a 5k. And he was right. She was weaving in and out of people (I thought she might have gotten tips from Rich B.).
She's a great little runner. Steady pace the whole time, focused and determined. Isaac is more like me... sprints and then has to walk.
Sydney crossed the finish line and I thought I had missed isaac some how. But after a bit he came down the course smiling away. Took a little detour to run up some stairs and jump some bushes. But finished strong.
And here are the two racers drinking their complimentary waters
and showing off their metals.
Lincoln helped himself to the bananas. Sydney out weighs him by a little over a pound.