Monday, March 30, 2009


OK everyone calm down. We are back.
Let me clear the air a little bit. No I am not pregnant (that usually is the case when blogs go into hibernation). No our computer wasn't broken. Yes our camera was missing but you can still blog with out pics (not as fun though). The reality is that I have 3 kids under 5 and a husband who is busy and stressed. With one turning 5 and feeling like a big boy, another turned 3 and throwing OVER THE TOP temper tantrums, and a 3rd who is 10 months and teething 4 teeth at the same time. Josh is in the toughest year of dental school. In May he has 17 tests in 10 days. And hard ones at that. He just finished mid terms and that was a lot of FUN! He of course did really well and slept very little.
As for me... I'm tring to keep my sanity. I'm training for a triathlon on May 31st followed by a boob Job on the 1st of June. Yes you read that right! Email me if you want details. Josh says a blog is not the place. I'm researching ADD and tring to figure out if maybe that is where all my anxiety stems from. I've been reading a lot of historical fiction. Josh says I'm obsessed with King Henry the 8th and his court. I do love it but I think I'm coming to a stopping point. I love the ROKU and Netflix. Back to the tri. business... Josh has a bike trainer, so when I cant get out to bike I just hook it up and off I go. Otherwise it me pulling Sydney and Lincoln in the trailer and thats fine too. I go to the pool about 3 times a week. I can now swim a 100 with out passing out. And running is what I hate the most. But the point to all this is that it gets my endorphins going and I get away from the kids. Hey if I have to run a tri to get away from the kids thats what I do. Joking but totally serious too.
I'm still In the choir. Nova Singers, you can look us up on Utube. I just finished a set off concerts. I sang 3 solos in the last one. I go every Tues night and I love it. Its becoming like family there, well almost. And it gives me that performance bug that I've been missing for so long.
Isaac is in kindergarten all day next year. He'll catch the bus at 7:15 and come home @ 2:30. I'm really excited because Preschool really breaks up the day but at the same time I'm sad to let him go. He'll start sports this summer I think. We'll see.
Sydney is speaking better. Therapy has helped but man can see throw a fit. And they last forever!!! Shes still super cute ofcourse!
Lincoln still refuses to crawl. His commando scoot serves him well so why bother. He has 2 teeth on the bottom and is getting all 4 up top. He's such a sweet natured little boy that everyone who sees him falls in love instantly. Its hard to believe that he will be a year in just 2 months. I think its b/c Isaac and Sydney were already up on their feet by now. But oh well he can take his time. He's my last one, my baby and he can take as long as he likes.
I better eat. So I'll try to get some pics up here soon. Till then....
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