Monday, January 19, 2009

Flash Back! Short break from holiday posting!

Thank you to Roger And more importantly his wonderful wife, Veronique. Now let me explain.
This pic is from when I was 18 and crazy in love with my then boyfriend Roger. Do you remember being 18? I do and am not looking forward to Sydney being 18. Roger was my first love and the sun rose and set with him. My heart broke when he left on a mission. The next two years I was to learn a lot. With a mom pushing me not to wait for a missionary and many guys encouraging me in the same direction. A lot of trials that I now would never replace for the strength and knowledge they gave me are irreplaceable.
Needless to say Roger came home from his mission and my heart broke again when his engagement was announced at a YSA dance.
He married a wonderful women and now has 3 beautiful kids. In reading Veronique's blog I see that the Lord has been ever present for her and Roger as it has been for Josh and I.
I met Josh when I was 16 at a Lakewood Church youth dance. He and the group of guys he was with (I noticed) had not asked a single girl to dance all night. As I was in charge of clean up and these boys were just sitting around I decided they should help clean up too. And so it began. Actually not! =) His friend Eric Brown liked me and being the loyal guy Josh was he stayed away from me. UNTIL he came home from his mission before Eric! I re met him in January 2000 at a Kent YSA dance. I was preparing for a mission (suggestion from my YSA Bishup) and had no intention of dating anyone. I received my endowments March 25th and we were engaged by April 1st. I knew in the Celestrial room that Josh was to be apart of my life forever. (NO he wasn't there). We were married by June 30th. And the rest is history.
Now back to the thank you. Its been 12 years since Roger and I dated. I learned from him that there are nice guys out there and I learned the qualities that I wanted in a man to marry.
Moroni 7:43 is the perfect description of my husband. He gets embarassed when I say that but it is true. One of the many things I love about Josh is that everyone likes him. In fact I've never met anyone form his past that doesn't like him in fact they are thilled to even say that they knew him. He is patient with me and has been a support in the constant struggle i have with anxiety and depression. And I know it hasn't been fun for him. Starting off our marriage with Mono, strep throat and full body hives I'm sure was not his dream wedding night or the 1st year of his marriage as he had to rebuild me and teach me how to be healthy.
He's extremely smart and hard working. He allows me to be who I am at all times even when its not pleasant. He is my best friend and a wonderful lover and father. With out him I would be lost.
Its strange how the Lord works but then again not strange at all. We all find the person we're suppose to be with at least I know Roger and Veronique found each other as Josh and I did. My mom and dad found one another as did Josh's mom and dad.
I love him and thank my heavenly father for the experiences in life that led me to him.