Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Dr.Cohen is my OBGYN. An amazingly wonderful doctor. I couldn't have asked for better. He loved having Sydney come with me every time. He would always give her a chocolate. (Its a big deal because a lot of OBs here don't allow children to come with you) So today Sydney got all dressed up and took Dr. Cohen some Chocolate. Of course there was only one M&M left by then and it had been man handled and dropped several times. But he took it with a big smile. He always makes you feel so gorgeous and proud to be a women. Too bad I'm not having anymore kids or I would go to him again. I'll still have my yearly but no more babies for me. In fact I was surprised by my reaction when I saw all the women in the lobby. Not a single part of me longed to be pregnant and have another baby. It use to be when ever I saw someone I would get an achy feeling like something huge was missing for me. No now!!