Friday, April 25, 2008

So this would be where I would post all about Isaac's 4th birthday.
Unfortunately Josh misunderstood me and deleted ALL of the pictures and videos from that day.
So you won't get to see all of his preschool friends and the little party we threw there with his cute crown they made him. And you don't get to see how excited Sydney was to be able to go to school with Isaac. You also won't get to see the video of everyone singing him happy birthday and Isaac blowing out the candles.
Also that night we took him to "old McDonald's" McDonald's for dinner and the super cute pics of him and Sydney playing in the play area. And pictures of all the cool spiderman stuff he got.
Not to mention the video of Isaac saying thank you to his grandparents for the thoughtful gift that where sent.
Now I think I'm done venting.
An honest misunderstanding as upsetting as it was.
Yes I still deeply love my husband!!!!